Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pinterest Tested, Jackie Approved: Perfect (and Healthier) Steak Frites

One of my favorite things in the entire universe is Steak Frites. I'm cheap and I'm a homebody and I like knowing at least the vague amount of calories I'm ingesting in this indulgent meal, so I've worked through many recipes to find the perfect way to prep a slightly healthier version of this French staple.

Image from Off The Meat Hook

This recipe from Off The Meat Hook walks you through how to properly prep your average grocery store steak to make it taste closer to what your favorite local steakhouse serves you. I'm now going to pull a full on Ina Garten move and suggest that you use good butter and good salt when prepping your steak. Really just use coarsely ground sea salt and grass fed butter (we all know my side gig as a fully unpaid and unauthorized Kerrygold spokewoman).

Next - I have a theory that every group of friends has a Gwyneth Paltrow apologist. In my inner circle, I am that friend. I subscribe to GOOP. I wonder if I have some weird food allergies no one is telling me about that if I simply corrected them and started doing two hours of dance cardio and arm wiggles each morning, I could become a Gwyneth-like wonder woman. I have some Tracy Anderson Method DVDs. I don't think Apple is a terrible name for a child. My Spanish pronunciations are also obnoxious attempts to sound native.

She is best friends with Jay-Z and Beyonce. Argument. Over.

I love many of Goop's recipes. They follow my philosophy - healthy, whole, fresh ingredients prepared simply. You know, for your average working gal like Gwynnie. So on the side of my steak (which non-red meat eating Gwyneth would never lower herself to, because she is stronger than we will ever be), I serve her perfect no-fry french fries.

Image from Self

The trick really is the cold shock to the potatoes. Sometimes, I throw in a leeeeetle extra olive oil because, again, whilst I try to follow the path Gwyneth lies before me, I can never quite attain her ultimate perfection. I like Taco Bell too much, for starters.

So that's it - my secret to perfect Steak Frites with a healthy nod. Trim that fat off your steaks, and be sure to serve this with a big side salad, and you can feel a little less guilty for your Francophile indulgence this time. 

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