Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Manifesto

Here's what I believe in when it comes to cooking and becoming a partially domesticated adult:

1) Recipes should be simple. No elaborate steps or crazy contraptions. Nothing intimidating. No laundry list of ingredients you'll probably never use again after you make this one dish. I only keep recipes in my arsenal that I wouldn't mind cooking at the end of a crazy long work day because who the hell has time for anything else?

2) Simple does not mean you're dumb if you didn't get it before. I've taught myself cooking basics since I left college and felt like I needed to start putting real, healthy food into my body. Is my wilted spinach recipe super easy? Heck yes, but it's something I couldn't have imagined cooking for myself four years ago. And you probably feel the same way. And other people will tell you that cooking is so easy and  it's you that sucks if you didn't poach that egg correctly, but screw them, we're going to figure some stuff out together, ok?

3) Healthy is the second priority after yummy. And healthy does not mean fat free. Healthy does not mean salad greens and vinegar. Healthy means minimally processed (center cut bacon over turkey bacon 4EVA), whole foods done with a touch of good and sometimes bad fats so you're eating food that feels real and filling and satisfying. I take steps to keep calories low and ratios of meat to vegetables up, but I will never ever make a cauliflower pizza crust and try to tell you it's okay.

4) Do your best to be your best. If you start out just cooking once a week that's a huge step and I'm already suuuper proud of you!

5) I do what I want. 

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